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Aadha Trip is an online truck and load booking platform that bridges the gap between truck owners and load owners. Our mobile app is dedicated to truck owners who hate driving empty trucks, and fuel wastage. We are also concerned about the round-trip costs borne by load owners and carbon emissions that harm the environment.

Aadha Trip is on a glorious mission to provide an easy platform that allows both truck and load owners to seamlessly exchange the information of truck availability, load availability, estimated pricing and contact details. Thus our mobile app is committed to reducing transport expenses, fuel wastage and contributes to a pollution-free environment.

Pay ONLY for your good transport and value EACH fuel drop with Aadha Trip.

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App Features

Aadha Trip mobile app allows both load owners and truck owners to save their hard-earned penny. It lets truck owners post their route, truck availability, estimation charges and contact number. Our app also lets load owners explore the nearby empty trucks and allows them to post their load availability and contact information. Thus both parties can contact each other and fulfill their requirements smoothly.

The best part is customers can even book the idle trucks in case if they don’t find any available empty trucks.

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User Flexibility

Drive a million miles with smiles! Our app provides flexibility for both truck owners and load owners as they can explore, discover and contact each other seamlessly for free. Users need to just install the app, login and experience the ease of good transport. Thus Aadha Trip helps truck owners with freight for the return trip so that they can cover the fuel cost. Hence, No more empty trucks!

Simultaneously, we help load owners with empty trucks to deliver their goods for nearly half the price. So, No more double price!

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Transport Features

We serve every industry that demands transport directly and indirectly. We help people in booking the trucks for transporting their goods for lesser prices. Users can find nearby empty trucks and reduce the costs, and idle trucks on demand when there are no available empty trucks traveling by. Load owners can also post their load availability and transport requirement in advance and avoid emergencies or non-availability issues.


Meet our Team

Balaraju Bhusaveni

Balaraju Bhusaveni

Founder & CEO, CMO


Mickey Siricilla



Shaik Sana Ruheen



Bhavani Kistamgari

Transporter Support


Soumya Suddala

Customer Support


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